StarSightings App: Comment & Voting Feature Implementation


This UX project was done for StarSightings iPhone app



Users who view photos and sightings on the StarSightings app do not have a way to comment or express themselves after viewing a sighting. Additionally, the user who uploaded the photo do not get any acknowledgement for their effort.



Provide a way for users to interact with one another on StarSightings mobile app by creating a comment feature and voting mechanism for viewers to use to express their reaction.





1)   Define pain points


Gathered user feedback and tested various photos posting scenarios. The findings confirmed that user feel “lonely” within the app. Users have no way to communicate with one another, a dead-end path after viewing a sighting will not engage users to post sightings.


2)   Create user scenarios & user journey


There are 2 users identified, the reporter, and the consumer:




3)   Identify calls-to-action areas


Given the current landscape of the app, I determined areas where feature calls-to-actions will be most effective: list and detail views.


4)  Create transition diagram and interaction design



5)   Design voting interface and schema


6)   Validate designs with stakeholders


7)   Implementation

Delivered assets, specifications for development hand-off.





Upon feature launch in December 2012, comment, posting and voting and overall activity  increased by 200%. User retention is at an all time high with Monthly Active User (MAU) increasing by 80% and return users at 60-70% monthly.



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