StarSightings App: Invite Friends


This UX project was done for StarSightings iPhone app



On StarSightings iPhone app, the ability to invite friends via Facebook connections is not available. Some users may want to “invite” friends from their social media account to chat and share photos on StarSightings.



Create a user experience that leverages the user’s Facebook account so they may invite friends via Facebook request API.



1) Gather best practices and research Facebook request API specifics

There are many ways Facebook allows friends to “connect” to one another. We’ve identified best practices by testing popular apps and decided on the appropriate development implementation for StarSightings.

2) Identify all invite friends user scenarios

Wrote user narrative to identify all scenarios. This helps list different system states during the invite task (guest, login, unregistered).



3) Define “invite friends” entry points




4) Create user flow and branching storyboards




5) Design & implementation

Created all visual elements, and delivered design specs needed for development hand-off.


Seamless integration with Facebook. Within a few weeks, we see improvement in page views for “invite page”, analytics still being measured.



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